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Congrats on the Wins

Congrats on the rivalry win!  The boys cruised to a 57-23 win over Monroe yesterday. Up next, the boys play on the road at Parkwood on Thursday, December 6th.  

Go Eagles!!!

    East Union MS Boys Basketball News and Announcements

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    East Union Middle School

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    6010 W Marshville Blvd.
    Marshville, NC 28103
    Phone: 704-290-1540
    Directions to East Union

    Coaching Staff

    Head Coach:  Kris Kunai

    Assistant Coach: Jason Conklin

    Assistant Coach: Marion Bruce

    Head Coach

    Head Coach

    Coach Kunai will be monitoring the student-athlete's grades and behavior proceeding tryouts.  We will be making sure these prospective team members are holding up their end of the deal in the classroom and throughout school.

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