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UCPS Athletics Weekly Round Up

By Staff, 03/12/18, 1:30PM EDT


Men's Basketball

The 2018 NCHSAA Basketball State Championships were held Saturday, March 10 at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Congratulations to the Forest Hills men's basketball team who secured the Championship over Greene Central by four points! The Yellow Jackets finished the season at 21-1. We are very proud of your accomplishments and for providing a great representation of what UCPS Athletics is all about. For final results from Saturday's match-up, read below:

Saturday, March 10

  • Forest Hills def. Greene Central, 63-59


UCPS baseball teams completed a full series of games with action starting as early as Monday last week. We saw many close match-ups, and many teams adding positive results to their overall season records. If you missed any of the action from last week, read below for a list of scores and results:

Monday, March 5

  • Parkwood def. Weddington, 4-2

Wednesday, March 7

  • Cuthbertson def. Sun Valley, 4-0
  • Weddington def. Parkwood, 8-7
  • Ardrey Kell def. Marvin, 3-2
  • Charlotte Catholic def. Piedmont, 7-5

Friday, March 9

  • Weddington def. Parkwood, 12-4
  • Concord def. Forest Hills, 4-3
  • Butler def. Porter Ridge, 2-1
  • Cuthbertson def. Sun Valley, 3-1
  • CATA def. Metrolina, 2-0
  • Piedmont def. Charlotte Catholic, 6-2
  • Marvin Ridge def. Indian Land, 13-2
  • Independence def. East Meck, 5-1
  • Hickory Ridge def. Garinger, 22-0



UCPS softball teams played a great round of games this week! With five shut-outs on the week, many programs are making their mark early on this season. For a complete list of scores from last week's match-ups, please read below:

Monday, March 5

  • Marvin Ridge def. Charlotte Christian, 27-0
  • Forest Hills def. CATA, 14-3

Tuesday, March 6

  • Porter Ridge def. East Meck, 15-0
  • Parkwood def. Piedmont, 7-1

Wednesday, March 7

  • Porter Ridge def. East Meck, 15-0

Thursday, March 8

  • CATA def. Monroe, 17-1
  • Piedmont def. Hickory Grove, 4-1
  • Marvin Ridge def. Weddington, 16-0

Friday, March 9

  • Cuthbertson def. Sun Valley, 3-2
  • Marvin Ridge def. Providence, 8-3
  • Piedmont def. Charlotte Catholic, 2-0
  • Porter Ridge def. Butler, 10-4

Women's Soccer

UCPS women's soccer teams continued their busy schedules last week with some teams even seeing action over the weekend. We saw five shut-outs this week and many impressive performances. If you missed any of the action, view your team's results below:

Monday, March 5

  • Piedmont def. CATA, 5-2
  • Weddington tie Clover, 3-3

Tuesday,March 6

  • CATA def. Monroe, 9-0
  • South Meck def. Marvin Ridge, 2-0
  • Clover def. Cuthbertson, 1-0

Wednesday, March 7

  • Union Academy def. Parkwood, 3-0

Friday, March 9

  • Sun Valley def. CATA, 4-1
  • Concord def. Forest Hills, 9-0
  • Piedmont tie South Meck, 2-2
  • Porter Ridge def. JM Robinson, 2-1

Men's Lacrosse

UCPS men's lacrosse teams continued their regular season action last week, which started with an early win for Weddington over Providence! Many other dominating performances were displayed throughout the week. For a complete list of last weeks results, please read below.

Monday, March 5

  • Weddington def. Providence, 18-3
  • Butler def. Porter Ridge, 10-7

Thursday, March 6

  • Cuthbertson def. Sun Valley, 7-6
  • Porter Ridge def. Independence, 13-4

Friday, March 9

  • Christ the King def. Parkwood, 10-5
  • Cuthbertson def. Watauga, 19-1
  • Marvin Ridge def. Myers Park, 7-5

Saturday, March 10

  • Marvin Ridge def. Fort Mill, 12-7

Women's Lacrosse

UCPS women's lacrosse teams faced off against another tough round of opponents last week. Many teams secured big wins on the week, with others working hard to improve their season records along the way. If you missed any of the action, read below for a list of scores and results.

Monday, March 5

  • Porter Ridge def. Providence, 11-7
  • Marvin Ridge def. Sun Valley, 15-1

Wednesday, March 7

  • Parkwood def. Providence, 8-7

Thursday, March 8

  • Weddington def. Parkwood, 19-0
  • Porter Ridge def. Independence, 10-9
  • Marvin Ridge def. Hough, 9-8

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