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By Tim Winters, 02/03/20, 6:45PM EST


Fifty-one days have passed since we last saw a snap from a high school football game. If I need to remind you, those snaps came from Weddington's second consecutive state championship game and victory against Lee County on December 14. 

Since that game, local papers, organizations, and websites have doled out postseason individual and team awards. Tonight, in this post, we unveil our first-ever Dream Team, the team I would take into battle or at least put up against any other all-star football team in the state. Below, my top-45 players filling out my offensive and defensive roster.

Eleven schools in the county currently play varsity football. I have chosen at least one player from each school, and on each squad (offense & defense), I have selected my top freshman.

I based my selections on what I evaluated personally during the 2019 season, along with game film and stats provided by each school. Unfortunately, I did not receive complete stats from all teams. Stats weighed heavily on selections, but I don't think the list below will rankle too many folks.

Is it the perfect team? In my mind, no doubt about it. With this squad, we'll take on all comers. Bring it on. 

Dream Team Head Coach- Andy Capone, Weddington (16-0, State Champion)

Offensive MVP & Captain- Will Shipley, Weddington

Defensive MVP & Captain- Alec Mock, Weddington


Matthew Bennett QB Monroe Senior 2416 Passing YDS/ 26 TDs/ 6 INTs/ 59.2 COMP %/ 110.0 QBR
Sully McDermott QB Marvin Ridge Junior 2367 Passing YDS/ 25 TDs/ 6 INTs/ 67.3 COMP %/ 108.9 QBR
Isaac King RB Union Academy Senior 145 CAR for 1766 YDS/ 12.2 YPC/ 21 TDs
Will Shipley RB Weddington Junior 188 CAR for 2066 YDS/ 11.0 YPC/ 31 TDs
Sametrious Drakeford RB Parkwood Senior 202 CAR for 912 YDS/ 4.5 YPC/ 7 TD
Brandon Perry RB Porter Ridge Junior 160 CAR for 1081 YDS/ 6.8 YPC/ 16 TDs
Gavin Blackwell WR Sun Valley Junior 67 REC for 1008 YDS/ 15.0 YPC/ 9 TDs
Shaleak Knotts WR Monroe Sophomore 59 REC for 1006 YDS/ 17.1 YPC/ 14 TDs
Ian Hutter WR Marvin Ridge Junior Team leading 55 REC for 641 YDS/ 11.7 YPC/ 4 TDs
Salen Streater WR Monroe Senior 37 REC for 836 YDS/ 22.6 YPC/ 12 TDs
Austin Cain TE Parkwood Senior 20 REC 204 YDS/ 10.2 YPC/ 1 TD
Aiden Twombley TE Marvin Ridge Senior 18 REC for 161 YDS/ 8.9 YPC
Michael Gonzalez OL Sun Valley Junior Leader of offensive line that helped Spartans to gain 3441 offensive yards & 16 TDs
Phifer Griffin OL Union Academy Senior 54 Pancake Blocks & led O-Line responsible for over 2800 rBlocushing yds & 30 TDs
Matt Isom OL Parkwood Senior 40 Pancake Blocks and anchored O-Line resulting in over 1900 rushing yds & 27 TDs
Lucas Rogers OL Weddington Senior Anchored offensive line leading a Weddington offense to 5870 YDS & 88 TDs
Sean Simelane OL Porter Ridge Senior Senior leader on a Pirate offensive line that helped churn out 4051 yards & 41 TDs
Josiah Snapper OL Marvin Ridge Senior Leader on a line that saw the offense gain 3806 and score 29 TDs
Alex McLaughlin OL Weddington Junior Junior on line that propelled offense to gain 5870 yards and 88 TDs
Ian Williams K Weddington Senior 101 TBs/ 88 for 92 XP/ 6 for 15 FG
Caden Noonkester K Marvin Ridge Junior 42 for 42 XP/ 5 for 8 FG
Jadus Davis ATH- RB/WR Metrolina Christian Senior 114 CAR for 1004 YDS/8.8 YPC/12 R TDs/39 REC for 754 YDS/19.3 YPC/6 REC TDs
Carson Black QB Sun Valley Freshman The regular season leader in passing yards with 2,251 yds


Austin Burns DL Parkwood Junior Team leading 104 Total Tackles/ 16 Ts for loss/ 5 Sacks/ 1 INT
Carson Carpenter DL Metrolina Christian Senior 95 Total Tackles/ 14 Ts for loss/ 4 Sacks
Derek Young DL Union Academy Senior Team Leading 186 Total Tackles/ 19 Ts for loss/ Team leading 7 sacks/
Joe Zovstoski DL Weddington Junior 67 Total Tackles/ 13 T's for loss/ Team leading 9.5 Sacks/ 4 forced fumbles
Daniel Morrison DL Parkwood Senior 99 Total Tackles/ Team Leading 21 T's for loss/ Team leading 8 Sacks
Ty Nicholas DL Piedmont Junior Team Leading 77 Total Tackles & 26.5 T's for loss & 8.5 Sacks
Romel Wright DL Forest Hills Junior Team leading 116 Total Tackles & 7 sacks/ 2 FF
Trey Alsbrooks LB Weddington Senior 108 Total Tackles/ 14 T's for loss/ 9 Sacks
Jeb Despard LB Marvin Ridge Senior 97 Total Tackles, 11 TFL
Connor Henderson LB Porter Ridge Senior Team leading 132 Total Tackles
Alec Mock LB Weddington Senior Team leading 160.5 Total Tackles/ 12.5 T's for loss/ 2.5 Sacks/ 4 INTs
Dylan Burdette LB Porter Ridge Senior 91 Total tackles, 4 TFL
Andreau Rastia LB Cuthbertson Junior Team leading 102 Total tackles/ 2 INTs
Tanner Blackwell LB Marvin Ridge Junior Team leading 99 Total tackles, 7 TFL
Makiya Evans DB Parkwood Junior 82 Total Tackles/ 3 Ts for loss/ Team leading 4 INTs
Nick Horstkamp DB Porter Ridge Senior Team leading 4 INTs
Tommy Miller DB Metrolina Christian Sophomore 90 Total Tackles/ 3 INTs/ 3 Fumble Recoveries
Malik Mustapha DB Weddington Senior 68 Total Tackles/ Team leading 15 T's for loss/ Team leading 5 INTs
Bryson Parker DB Weddington Junior 44 Total Tackles/ 4 INTs
Luke Roffler DB Metrolina Christian Senior 42 Total Tackles/ 3 INTs
Jack Makarewicz DB Marvin Ridge Senior 67 Total Tackles / 1 INT
Connor Bradley LB Union Academy Freshman 60 Total tackles, 5 TFL/ 6 Sacks

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