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Photography and UnioNCounty Football

By Tim Winters, 09/05/19, 7:30PM EDT


I have always been about promoting our student-athlete football players and have used all forms of social media platforms to achieve that goal of promotion from day one.

When I started UnioNCounty Football, there was no visual promotion of football other than the excellent print coverage provided by our local paper, The Enquirer Journal.

In 2011 I started attending high school football games in the county with my trusty Nikon D50. I knew I was ill-equipped at the time to capture the action photos I was after so when the season ended I decided to shoot video.  Going forward, I would leave the photography to talented photogs with updated, high-end photo gear. My search began.

Fast forward to the present day; I consider myself fortunate to have found or stumbled across so many great local photographers that have been contributing to this website through the years. 

Not only are these photographers some of the best sports photographers I have worked with, I consider all of them my friends. 
We have had requests for their work to be published in major publications including the Charlotte Observer and USA Today's High School Sports. Sadly, many of these same photographers' work you will also find on websites without permission or proper credit. Sad, and in violation of our Copyright Laws.

I digress, aside from promoting the photographer's work on posts via this site, I am always thinking about other ways to support the work of these artists. That's when GamePix started. Instead of inserting a few photos within a post I wanted to highlight the work of our photographers in an exclusive showcase, GamePix was born. 

GamePix has been a regular feature on the website for a few years now. During the offseason, I decided to take GamePix to YouTube as a way for our photographers to reach a new audience. Besides Facebook & Twitter exposure, photographers that contribute to photos as content also have their work promoted on all relevant UCPS athletic homepages and sports homepages.

The YouTube feature will still post to the site but will now be viewable on YouTube as well. The video platform provides me greater flexibility to expand exposure and hopefully, business opportunities for these photographers if they so choose.

Thank you to all photographers past and present that have contributed to this website including Greg Arthur, Rick Becker, Cindy LeGrand, Ashleigh Mock, Gary Ohmstede, Greg Stavish, Shawna Steele, Chris Summerville, and Jamey Ward. Your photos bring life to all that is UnioNCounty Football.

Below, the first "video" version of GamePix covering four games played last week.

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