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Preseason Dream Team

By Tim Winters, 08/12/19, 8:30AM EDT


Every year I am asked to name a preseason and postseason all-county offensive and defensive squad. Although I see all schools and teams over the summer, I hate the idea of leaving out a player or two or three just for the sake of putting out a list.

This year, I thought about doing something a little different, putting a twist on your typical preseason all-county list. I decided to create a UnioNCounty Dream Team. Okay, so you might call it a list, but I opted for greater depth of top players to form a week-to-week fantasy squad, a Dream Team.

So how is this all going to work you might ask?  Here’s how I envision it. You are going to select a preseason roster of the top offensive and defensive players from around the county that will play a week-to-week fantasy football season.

Yes, you, the fans, supporters, and followers of UnioNCounty Football will be instrumental in selecting the top players to fill out your roster for a season of fantasy football.  This vote should is not a popularity poll; you want to choose the players that are going to deliver results every week during the season. Or you at least hope they will.

The fantasy season will conclude after the regular high school football season.

Over the next few days, I will name the preseason UnioNCounty Dream Team offensive line. Unfortunately, offensive linemen do not accrue fantasy points. Most high school coaches do not have the time to score O-lineman or record pancakes,  so I will name the players that will make up the offensive line.

In the meantime, let the voting begin for QB-RB-WR-TE-K-DL-LB & DBs.

You will be able to vote once a day for one player per position. Please continue to make sure the players you want on the team continue to get your support throughout the voting process. 

The players that accrue the most votes/highest percentage will form the first UnioNCounty Football preseason Dream team. As the week progresses, I will update and provide additional information.

After the season, the players that have achieved the most fantasy points will form the first UnioNCounty 2019 Dream Team. Let the voting begin! 

You can also click here to access the full voting page. --->

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